Illustrations & Cie

Andy Warhol - The Origin of Art

As part of the 2nd Biennial of the book of art for children at Jemappes library.

The crazy inventions of the Mellops family

Making strange machines
The Mellops family consists of six little pigs : an inventor dad, four very ingenious sons, not forgetting mum with her delicious cake recipes.

Kamishibaï workshops

To explain and demonstrate the technique of Kamishibaï. With the help of "butaï" (wooden theatre), presenting a few of the stories helps children understand what "kamishibaï" is. From the Japanese, kami : paper, and shibaï : theatre play.

Art and nature

Introduction to Land'Art. Following the example of those artists who work with materials sourced from nature or natural sites, children will experiment with new ways of creating, by observing their environment.

To the land of Bruno Munari

"- But what is the use of a book ?- To communicate knowledge, or for the pleasure of continually increasing the knowledge we have of the world. So if I understand correctly, it helps us to live better. - Often, yes.

To the land of Tomi Ungerer

From the adventures of the Mellops family, to those of les Trois Brigands (The Three Robbers), Nuage bleu (Blue Cloud) , Jean de la lune (John of the moon), through to the adventures of Crictor the Boa Constrictor, Adélaïde the Kangaroo, Emile the Octopus or even Rufus the Bat.

Pop-up Animation

These activities are designed for children from 5 years old.
Folds and cut-outs lead to the creation of pop-up cards of colourful animals and characters in 3D. These workshops were organised during events like the "Evere Festival!" and "Halloween at Karreveld Castle".

Little Kazoos workshop

During this workshop, the little kazoos will sound the words, like the rhymes of the same name.
Letting yourself be go with the music of words, opens doors to a funny and amazing world !

Creative reading of The Poet Circus and Mr. Cheng

Different activities around these two books have been offered in bookstores (Le Rat conteur, La Licorne, La parenthèse), and libraries.

About my home town

We visit the town, in search of items that will form the beginning of so many stories : a park, a place, the name of a street, a leaf...

Draw, invent stories: how to make your book ?

From reading children's books, children are asked to invent a story that they will illustrate.