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Activities in schools

Centenaire de l'Armistice au Lycée français

«Bonjour, je m’appelle Albert Herter ; un triste matin d’août 1914, j’ai vu mon fils partir à la guerre. J’eus le mauvais pressentiment qu’il allait mourir au combat.»

Le géant sans voix

Deux livres "géants" ont été créés à l'école Saint-Henri dans le cadre d'un projet 'la Culture a de la classe' avec le centre culturel Wolubilis.

La langue française en fête (Celebration of the French language)

"Dis-moi dix mots ... en langue(s) française(s)" : tell me ten words in French.
Explore the richness of the French regionalisms.

This new edition celebrates the diversity of this language.

The owl in the tales' country

Cycle of five workshops in the Kindergarten of the school La Flûte enchantée in Molenbeek.

An extraordinary garden (Un jardin extraordinaire)

Welcome in the album of our garden!
We created this autumn.

The book "Small goddesses and small gods" (Petites déesses et petits dieux) from Isabelle Simon inspired us and as in this one, we were in search of magic characters who populate forests around our school.

Secret garden

« Jardin secret » ( Secret garden) is an educational project of artistic creation thought to make children sensitive to the ecology and to the environment.

In search of Edith Cavell

As part of the commemoration of the First World War, a 6th year primary class and their teacher (Pascale Denis), at Calevoet School in Uccle, have created a book about a local Resistance fighter, Edith Cavell.

Kamishibaï workshops with the Magic Flute

Seven workshops in two classes from nursery to school age, with the Magic Flute at the Molenbeek-Saint-Jean public library.

Class interview about the job of an illustrator author

As an author illustrator, these interviews make it possible to highlight different aspects of the profession, but also to answer questions posed by young readers.

The production of a book : from creation of the story to the book

From creation of the story to the book, these workshops are designed for children from five to twelve years old.