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To the land of Bruno Munari

"- But what is the use of a book ?- To communicate knowledge, or for the pleasure of continually increasing the knowledge we have of the world. So if I understand correctly, it helps us to live better. - Often, yes.
One should make little books, all different from each other, but each one containing a different surprise and suitable for children who cannot yet read." *
Thus the "Prélivres" (Pre-books) of Bruno Munari were created. An eclectic and brilliant artist, born in Italy in 1907, author and illustrator but also plastic surgeon, poet, teacher, sculptor, designer...With his pre-books, Munari develops "tools" for pre-learning about art and reading, for children who cannot yet read by creating a multitude of little books, all different, that will give children the belief that a book is bound to contain a surprise.
In the manner of these "Pre-books", lets enjoy imagining, creating, building lots of little books in lots of different materials: wood, cardboard, felt, wool, fabric, metal... Books to touch, browse, feel and read... Some that bend, ripple, others that you can scratch, squeak, and others that tell stories, rhymes...

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