Illustrations & Cie

Une girafe sur le toit du monde (A Giraffe on the top of the world)

The meeting in the African savannah of a giraffe and Sükh, who has come from the land of celestial mountains by hot air balloon.

Dans l'atelier de Jean Dubuffet

Au pas de course, suivons Jean Dubuffet dans son atelier. Il y voyage, vagabonde, crée toutes sortes de mirages.


Beware of the wolves !

Meet the wolf, the real, the abominable, the terrifying eater of tasty hoods and large plump mothers.

Monday, 2 April, 2012 to Friday, 6 April, 2012

The characters of the Poet Circus come alive

As you draw and cut out, Odette the Shrimp, Lucette the Owl, Denis the Athlete, Doris the Cheerleader and Aristide the Skeleton, come to life.

Sunday, 18 March, 2012 - 11:00 to 12:30