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Activities and courses in libraries

Kamishibaï workshops

To explain and demonstrate the technique of Kamishibaï. With the help of "butaï" (wooden theatre), presenting a few of the stories helps children understand what "kamishibaï" is. From the Japanese, kami : paper, and shibaï : theatre play.

Art and nature

Introduction to Land'Art. Following the example of those artists who work with materials sourced from nature or natural sites, children will experiment with new ways of creating, by observing their environment.

About my home town

We visit the town, in search of items that will form the beginning of so many stories : a park, a place, the name of a street, a leaf...

Draw, invent stories: how to make your book ?

From reading children's books, children are asked to invent a story that they will illustrate.

Imagine your circus !

What is the circus for you ? What do you imagine the characters and animals to be in your circus ? And what are the tricks and talents of the heroes you invent ?