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The Dragon in art - The Origin of Art

As part of the 2nd Biennial of the book of art for children at Jemappes library.
In recent years, children's literature opened up to the exciting world of art. Imagers, alphabet primers, activity books, specialist journals, documentaries, etc. guide children step by step, awakening their interest. Le Pôle museum centre and libraries in the City of Mons unite to welcome you to the 2nd Biennial of the book of art for children.The Origin of Art invites children and adults to become familiar with these books through a series of activities : exhibition of a wide range of publications, exhibition of illustrations, lectures, creative workshops, etc.
Dragons from near and far.The multicoloured dragon soars in a black sky. He is about to give his last fight. His wings spread, his breath ignites and soon there he is, hovering above the clouds. You are to draw him at that moment, on a long sheet, as long as the body of this legendary animal. A dragon's body, zig-zagging like the shape of an accordion. Its scales are made using rubber stamps and erasors, its tongue and wings made of coloured paper cut-outs. Your dragon will have nothing to envy of the real dragons ! And now tell us its story...

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