Illustrations & Cie
Sunday, 12 March, 2017 - 11:00 to 12:30

Have you seen Jean de la Lune (Moon Man) up there in the sky?

All age groups - from 4 years old.
Nestled in his silver ball, Jean (Moon Man) beckons you in a friendly way.
He waits for you to pay him a visit, one that everyone here has forgotten, and which I am going to tell you about.
Lets go in search of Jean de la Lune!
Is he dancing at the Earthlings' masked ball? Has he gone to see the flowers and inhale their perfumes? Or, has he already joined Professeur Ekla des Ombres, an old forgotten scientist who builds a lunar rocket in his castle?

Next, we will make an illustration with pencils and pastels on black paper, a portrait of Jean de la Lune so that he sparkles in the night, from his white sphere.
Tomi Ungerer ( ), this unmissable French author and illustrator has also written Les Trois Brigands (The Three Robbers), Le Géant de Zeralda (Zeralda's Ogre), Allumette, Pas de baiser pour Maman (No Kiss for Mother), Flix, Tremolo, Otto, Amis-Amies .. all published at l'Ecole des loisirs. So many stories to be discovered!

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