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"In 1930, Gandhi had achieved a hugely popular success with his triumphal Salt March. The beleaguered powers retaliated with a series of mass imprisonments. Gandhi spent nine months in prison, but it was a victory. Sixty thousand prisoners would be released with him.After his release, he made a solemn vow not to return to his Sabarmati Ashram, near Ahmedabad, whilst India was not liberated. He travelled, as if to reinforce this idea, over and over again, that the struggle was not going to play out in the cities, but in the villages of rural India. He had already been developing this idea for years. More than a theory, it was a shining certainty that made him walk to meet his countrymen."

Narrative of Bernard Jagodzinski

Participation in fanzines for children : Cuistax (n°0-1-2-3) and Biscoto (n°3)

Cuistax ( is a new illustration fanzine for children, resulting from the collaboration of a dozen illustrators based in Brussels.
It is printed in the traditional way (by risograph - at chez rosi:, in two colours.
Available in bookstores, in Brussels currently (Tropismes Jeunesse, Ptyx Bookstore and Candide Bookstore...)
n°0 : froid (cold)
n°1 : jeunes pousses (seedlings)
n°2 : été indien (Indian Summer)
n°3 : En route ! (On the road !)

Biscoto n°3_Mister Mystère
Cuistax n°1_Magic magie
Cuistax n°0_Magic magie
Cuistax n°2_Magic magie (page2)
Cuistax n°2_Magic magie (page1)
L'inde et ses mystères
Cuistax n°3_Lets's go !
Cuistax n°3_sommaire
Cuistax n°3_Magic Magie
Cuistax n°3_L'homme invisible