Illustrations & Cie

Participation in fanzines for children : Cuistax (n°0-1-2-3) and Biscoto (n°3)

Cuistax ( is a new illustration fanzine for children, resulting from the collaboration of a dozen illustrators based in Brussels.
It is printed in the traditional way (by risograph - at chez rosi:, in two colours.
Available in bookstores, in Brussels currently (Tropismes Jeunesse, Ptyx Bookstore and Candide Bookstore...)
n°0 : froid (cold)
n°1 : jeunes pousses (seedlings)
n°2 : été indien (Indian Summer)
n°3 : En route ! (On the road !)

Biscoto n°3_Mister Mystère
Cuistax n°1_Magic magie
Cuistax n°0_Magic magie
Cuistax n°2_Magic magie (page2)
Cuistax n°2_Magic magie (page1)
L'inde et ses mystères
Cuistax n°3_Lets's go !
Cuistax n°3_sommaire
Cuistax n°3_Magic Magie
Cuistax n°3_L'homme invisible