Illustrations & Cie
Kind of workshop: 

Trip to the museum at the Atelier des Petits Pas

Painters’ works are displayed for children to see. They immerse themselves in the images by looking at them, decrypting them, redrawing them, then putting themselves in the place of one of the characters who suddenly comes to life. A story then emerges, from this visit, of an imaginary art gallery.
The reading from the book Sortie de joueur (Player’s Escape) is the starting point for creating a collective book. At the source of this story is the painting Les joueurs de football (The Football Players) by Henri Rousseau. One of the characters escapes from his art gallery and sets out to explore the city. The pages of the book are interspersed with references to the works of Rousseau. An initiation in the history of art is thus tackled in the form of fiction, and in a fun way.
The techniques used are varied and adapted to the paintings selected, or conversely, to create gaps. By choosing works from varied stories and geographies, we broaden our pictorial horizons, while developing greater curiosity.
During this project, several aspects are focussed on: the creation of a book, the relationship with writing, the initiation in the history of art.

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