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Surprise ! - An illustration workshop adapted from the lively books of Bruno Munari

An illustration workshop from the lively books of Bruno Munari
"Look yourself in the eye. We are all different... Mix the designs, change the colours, get accustomed to seeing the world through the eyes of others." (an extract from the card games "Guardiamo negli occhi" (Look into my eyes), invented by Bruno Munari).What can a cut-out circle in a sheet of colour tell you ? Is it the wheel of a bicycle, the moon, a ball or the stretched skin of a drum ? And what if the town is allowed to be discovered in the turning pages, like in a mist that gradually disappears? The bus overtakes a car, behind which emerges the silhouette of a motorcycle and a bridge...The work of the famous Italian artist Bruno Munari is covered in this workshop through the use of coloured paper and tracing paper. The story takes shape progressively as you discover the graphics and multiple "surprises" that are hidden in the pages.According to the books of Bruno Munari : "Dans le brouillard de Milan" (In the Fog of Milan) and "Dans la nuit noire" (In the Dark Night) published by Les Trois Ourses, "Le vendeur d'animaux" (The Animal Seller), "Le magicien vert" (The Green Magician), "Gigi a perdu sa casquette" (Gigi has lost her hat), "Jamais content !" (Never Happy) and "L'homme au camion" (The Man in the Truck) published by Seuil. Seuil.

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