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Indian Bestiary

After presenting and reading several Indian books, we delve more closely into the books "Bestiaire du Gange" (Bestiary of the Ganges) of Rambharos Jha and "Bestiaire indien" (Indian Bestiary), both published by Actes Sud junior.
Rhambharos Jha, in his "Bestiaire du Gange" (Bestiary of the Ganges), guides us through the state of Bihar, in eastern India. As a bestiary, a picture book and a collection of classical Tamil poetry, this book of art will inspire children to make colourful animal paintings. As in the work of this Indian illustrator, influenced by the traditional art of Mithilâ, we use natural pigments for paint (jasmine for orange, cotton leaves for green, turmeric for yellow, tea leaves for brown and soot for black).

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