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An extraordinary garden (Un jardin extraordinaire)

Welcome in the album of our garden!
We created this autumn.

The book "Small goddesses and small gods" (Petites déesses et petits dieux) from Isabelle Simon inspired us and as in this one, we were in search of magic characters who populate forests around our school.

By observing them well, you will recognize all the elements which compose them: pieces of wood, bugs, leaves in the colors of the autumn, the feathers, the pebbles and still full of other things!

We listened to the story of our new friends. Who were their friends, which were the animals with which they played and especially why they were invisible most of the time? When they hold in hands a magic object of their choice, we can see them.

The garden, the wood and the nature are their housing environment. Follow us, we present them to you and we are going to show you where they live...

Project An extraordinary garden with the cooperation of Sophie Daxhelet and La Roseraie, autumn 2014
Municipal school of Calevoet

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