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Sunday, 3 July, 2016

För My - Publication

My Atlegrim was our friend and collaborator on our children’s fanzine, Cuistax. She disappeared during the attacks of 22nd March 2016 in Brussels. We want to pay tribute to her in a forthcoming publication this autumn.
För My is a 44-page bilingual publication (French-Swedish), printed in two colours, and using serigraphy. It is produced by our Cuistax collective and close friends of My.
För My is a book of poetic texts and images; a farewell to our sweet and talented friend.
För My is addressed to those close to My, to her Swedish family, and all those affected by her story.
The publication will not be sold in bookstores, but will be available this autumn during specific events (the Cultures Maison micro-publishing show, tribute exhibition) and will be sent by post to those who would like it.


Tamia Baudouin, Nadia Berz, Anne Brugni, Gwenola Carrere, Sarah Cheveau, Jina Choi, Nina Cosco, Sophie Daxhelet, Barbara Decloux, Julie Delporte, Fanny Dreyer, Leslie Ferré, Liesbeth Feys, Loïc Gaume, , Frederic George, Thomas Gilbert, Alessandra Ghiringhelli, Daria Gourova, Isabelle Haymoz, Adrien Herda, Julie Joseph, Sukrii Kural, Sabrina Lê, Denis Marien, Charlotte Meert, José Parrondo, Caterine Pellin, Chloé Perarnau, Emilie Plateau, Heleen Rodiers, Kurt Snoekx, , Jasper Thys, Louis Vanardois, Maïa Vandaele, Mathilde Van Gheluwe, Acia Yang, Maud Zabczynski, McCloud Zicmuse.

Graphism: Station Mir & Nuno Pinto Da cruz

Impression: Ronan Deriez

Translation : Celia Björklund Demargne, Olivia Latouche-Forssell

Nous sommes très heureux d’avoir pu travailler avec My Atlegrim, ses images vont énormément nous manquer, ses yeux et son sourire encore plus.

Fanny Dreyer & Chloé Perarnau - CUISTAX

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