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Thursday, 30 January, 2014

Le voyage de la girafe (The journey of the giraffe)

Artistic workshops at the Lycée français (French high school)
After reading two books released by MeMo Publications (Le cirque poète - The Poet Circus and Monsieur Cheng - Mr. Cheng), and the booklet "Hauteurs" (Heights) (published by the Wallonia-Brussels Federation), we discussed how to make a book, from the story to the drawings, through to its publication and its distribution in bookstores and libraries. What is the path of the book, from the idea to the book object?
Then we focussed on creating pictures, one drawing per student, where a giraffe, as in the small story mentioned, sets off on a journey.Charcoal drawings, collages of coloured paper resulting in a duo of colours.

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