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Wednesday, 9 January, 2013 - 14:00

CUISTAX - Bilingual magazine for children

Quick as lightening, CUISTAX will take you far away !

Cuistax ( is a new illustration fanzine for children, resulting from the collaboration of a dozen illustrators based in Brussels.
It is printed in the traditional way (by risograph - at chez rosi:, in two colours.
Available in bookstores, in Brussels currently (Tropismes Jeunesse, Ptyx Bookstore and Candide Bookstore...)

This first publication of CUISTAX was realised by Elodie Barlet, Anne Brugni, Elisabeth Corblin, Sophie Daxhelet, Fanny Dreyer, Isabelle Haymoz, Félicie Haymoz, Caterine Pellin, Chloé Perarnau, Morgane Somville, Ellis Wilk.

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