Illustrations & Cie
Friday, 1 July, 2011 to Monday, 15 August, 2011

Exhibition at the Wolf

Enter "The Poet Circus" and discover the unusual talents of Lucette the owl, Denis, the athlete with flexible joints, Loyola and Pamela, the two discreet starlets or Aristide, the skeleton with the shrill voice !The illustrations presented in this exhibition show the different elements at the origin of the pages of the book. Scattered into pieces, these elements are then assembled, like pieces of a puzzle. The illustrator is freely inspired by old photographs, old advertisements and other Epinal antiquated images in order to create these drawings. The technique used is charcoal, a material that allows a clear-cut, simple and fluid line. Some shapes have subsequently been coloured, highlighting some details. The colours also appear in the form of disks with bright colours, reminiscent of those in "La grande parade" (The Big Parade) of Fernand Léger, for whom "nothing is as round as the circus".

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